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Platzhalter-BildBecherConsult is one partner of
ZIM Network
Intelligent Spektral Analyses

MultiMarkerMonitor®  - Ion Mobility Spectrometry - Ionenmobilitätsspektrometrie  - IMS

- GC-IMS– use in medical diagnostics

Ion-Mobility Spectrometry (e.g. Differential Ion-Mobility Spectrometry) is a potent analytical instrument for measurement of couples of markers in exhaled breath and other gaseous biological samples.
With special collection-procedure of breath-samples and standardized analyses it is possible to identify significant clusters of analytes in breath (up to 800 peaks in breath-sample)
There is an on-going project with several partners for standardization and evaluation of biomarker detection in breath for diagnostics.
First results demonstrate the possibilities of the method, not only for lung-diseases, than also for metabolic disorders, chronic bowel infections etc. It was possible to evaluate bacterial growth in in-vitro cultures earlier than by traditional inspection and growth determination.
First clinical use will be demonstrated in detection of infection, for more information please contact:    info@becherconsult.de


Platzhalter-BildDr. Becher is the clinical advisor for BioTeZ-Berlin-Buch GmbH. One Topic is the development and introduction of immmunological test systems for antibody-measurements.
The recoveryELISA  is based on a newly developed test principle  of a modified ELISA. The test is still the first commercial available possibility  to measure active (free) antigen and therapeutic antibody (active part)in serum. By this test it is possible to calculate remaining therapeutic activity of the drug.
The test offers completely new options for cost effective and develpoment of antibody drugs and the evaluation of the pharmacokinetic..
EThe first releases of the test are already on the market (test for anti-IgE and test for anti TNF-alpha antibodies (Omalizumab, Adalimumab) Further tests are available for research-opportunities.

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